La Perla - Celebrating 30 Years

"La Perla" - celebrating 30 years

Cheers to 30 years! We’re celebrating with a limited-release coffee our customers will love. Well-rounded and smooth, we dubbed this gem “La Perla.” This coffee will polish your morning palate and set your day off to an exquisite start.



La Perla is grown at a subtropical elevation in the Madriz region of Nicaragua, near the Honduras border. Naturally balanced, with notes of honey and citrus zest, La Perla is a medium roast coffee. When we began roasting coffee in 1994, we were told that “the world is your oyster,” and so it’s fitting that the traditional thirtieth-anniversary gift is a pearl. With La Perla, we come full circle, honoring the grit it takes to persevere and celebrating the gems gleaned along the way.


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