Deep Blue Harar


Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Jam, Chocolate 

Roasting Profile: Light-Medium 

About this coffee: 

This coffee is sourced from cooperative farmers in the Harar region of Ethiopia, located in the Eastern highlands. Separated from the rest of Ethiopia by the Great Rift Valley, the arid high-altitude climate befits the natural processing of the coffee. Whole coffee cherries are spread out and sundried on long flat patios resulting in Deep Blue's coffee profile: wild and jammy blueberry notes with a lingering finish.

Origin: Harar, Ethiopia 

Elevation: 4,950 ft. – 6,950 ft.

Process: Sundried, Naturally Processed

We roast our coffee to order. Please allow a couple days for the roasting process.

Grind Option:


Price: $ 17.99

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