Cold Brew Duo

We’ve put together two different coffees together to showcase the diverse range of low-acidity coffee that this brew method can produce. Lighter roast coffees like our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Gedeb yield fruitier cold brew drinks. Traditional dark roasts like our Cold Brew Blend produce a smooth and bold cold coffee beverage.

The duo includes two 12 oz. bags of coffee: our Cold Brew Blend and our Ethiopian Yirgacheffee (Gedeb Cooperative). Both can be enjoyed hot as well as cold. 

We recommend using a French press to prepare cold brew coffee. Simply use double the amount of coffee you normally use for French press, fill with water and leave on the counter overnight. In the morning, press the coffee and serve. 

ROASTING PROFILE: Medium-Dark, Light-Medium

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Price: $ 27.00

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