Ethiopian Yirgacheffe "Celinga"



Tasting Notes: Jasmine, Lemon Meringue, Stone Fruit

Roasing Profile: Light-Medium 

About this coffee: 

Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, with its staggering altitudes and heirloom varietals, yields juicy and exquisite coffee. This coffee, from the Celinga Village, won this year's Charleston Coffee Cup's "Best Roast Award". Citrusy and delicate, this coffee is a delight for any light roast coffee fan. 

Origin: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, Celinga Village 

Elevation: 5,577 ft. – 7218 ft.

Process: Sundried, Naturally Processed

Recommended brew method: Pour over to enjoy this delicate and complex coffee. Enjoy!

 We roast our coffee to order. Please allow a couple days for the roasting process. 

Grind Option:


Price: $ 17.99 USD

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