Tanzania "Tweega" Peaberry

Tanzanian Peaberry 

Tanzanian Peaberry

Tasting Notes: white grape, lime, tropical fruit

Roasting Profile: Medium

About this coffee:

Named “Tweega,” the Swahili word for giraffe, this peaberry coffee is the result of the efforts of the Tembo Coffee Company in Tanzania. Representing smallholder farmers in the Southern Highlands, Tembo works like a giraffe’s long neck searching for perfect coffee beans. “Tweega” has a long, clean finish and a fruit cocktail of notes and nuances: white grape, lime and tropical fruit. Local folklore explains that a giraffe’s tongue is black because it drank too much coffee. A medium roast coffee, our Tweega boasts balanced acidity; you’ll want to lap it up and drink it down, just like the giraffe.

Origin: Tembo Coffee Company, Southern Highlands, Tanzania

Elevation: 1400 - 2000 meters (4600- 6500 ft)

Process: Wet-Processing


We roast our coffee to order. Please allow a couple days for the roasting process.

Grind Option:


Price: $ 16.00 USD

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