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Coffee Flan

Want to show someone you love them? Make them this dessert. The rich custardy texture, accented by the coffee flavor...yum. It's a sweet treat to impress and you CAN make this, just follow the simple directions below. Really, it's not as intimidating as it may sound at first glance! Flan is easy, dramatic and delicious. Serve after dinner and pair with a nice tawny port. Happy Valentine's Day from us at King Bean! 

Southern Makers Series: Spotlight on Cheri Leavy and Whitney Long, founders of the Southern Coterie

We have a new series on the blog this week: the Southern Makers Series. This series highlights creative entrepreneurs—the best and brightest in the South. This week, my blog guests are Cheri Leavy and Whitney Long, founders of the Southern Coterie and creators of the Southern C Summit. The Southern C Summit is tailored to offer community, connection, and collaboration amongst top names in media, branding and blogging. King Bean is a proud sponsor of the Southern C Summit, which will be held February 6-8 on Sea Island, Ga. 

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Coffee, Y’all shares everything we love about coffee in the South. Based in Charleston and the surrounding lowcountry, we showcase our fantastic culinary scene, our thriving King Bean community and of course, talk about all things coffee! We hope you enjoy it.

Katie Weinberger

King Bean Creative Director




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