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Meet Vera Stewart: Southern Cooking Show Host, Cookbook Author and Entrepreneur

Katie's Note: I met Vera Stewart for the first time this past summer, but I felt like I had known her forever. She's originally from Middle Georgia, as am I, and her accent sounds like home. When I was a student at UGA (Vera's alma mater too) I remember reading about VeryVera's mail order cake in Southern Living. The cake of course, looked delicious, but the wow factor for me at that time in my life was that a woman from my home state was the successful entrepreneur behind it all. And if she could do it, imagine what was possible for me? So, it's a privilege to interview Vera Stewart in our Culinary Woman and Coffee series. And we're lucky that she has a new cookbook out, The VeryVera Cookbook, where she shares all the recipes behind her success.  

The Secret Ingredient to Pecan Pie


Hooray Pecan Pie season is here! Today we’re sharing our recipe for Pecan Pie.

Can you guess our secret ingredient?

Yep, it’s coffee. We make our pecan pie with a touch of coffee. The brewed dark roast coffee mixed in with the pecans compliments their nuttiness. Also coffee rounds out the sweetness of sugar and syrup, so it’s not toothache sweet. Just a little bit of coffee will do. A dark roast like Twenty Strong is the perfect marrying ingredient, giving this pie that little extra something that makes you crave more!


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