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Last month, we had the special opportunity to participate in Palmetto Bluff’s Field + Fire event, a celebration of sporting life heritage. For the kick off event, “Field + Fire Open Fire,” we made our classic King Bean Irish Coffee. It was the perfect drink and pick-me-up for a chilly winter evening by the fire pits. With the picturesque May River flowing by the Bluff, we can’t think of a better setting to warm up with Irish Coffee. The drink: A favorite amongst attendees!

Field + Fire is an annual event at Palmetto Bluff. We’ve included the recipe below so you can create the drink to enjoy by your fire pit at home—May River views not included!  

King Bean Irish Coffee

As served at Palmetto Bluff’s Field + Fire

2 oz. Irish Whiskey (We like Jamison)

1/2 oz. simple syrup (1:1 ratio sugar to boiling hot water to make syrup)

Top with hot black coffee (about 6-8oz) leaving about 1 inch of space in the mug. We recommend our Twenty Strong coffee, or another medium to dark roast. 

The finishing touch is to top with soft whipped cream. We shake heavy whipping cream in a clean Mason jar until it is softly whipped put still pourable. Layer the whipped cream atop the coffee and Jamison and you’re ready to enjoy!



Photos: Bongwing Lee and Corey Steranka


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