Introducing Our "New" Roaster

We’ve added roaster #3 to our fleet! In addition to our 60-kilo Petroncini and original 12-kilo Diedrich, we’ve added a 24-kilo roaster to the mix.

The “new” roaster is one we actually already owned. In the sustainability spirit of our company, our “new” roaster is a 24-kilo Diedrich that sat decommissioned in our roastery.

Late last year, we sent off the 24-kilo Diedrich (or #3 as we call it) to be completely overhauled. The project took more than ten months.

What we sent off and what we got back are two entirely different machines.

Returning, the only original items were the drum and burners. Everything else was reengineered. It’s now a 100% digital roaster controlled by a computer which monitors, controls and displays real-time data. The digital controls include flame height, drum air speed, temperature, heat—all to get the most out of the coffee and record and reproduce the settings for accuracy each time.

Now we have the best of both worlds in terms of roasting. The hands-on demands of the Petroncini hone sensory skills like no other. And with roaster #3's data and digital technology, we continue to innovate. 

King Bean's promise is and has always been to roast great coffee for the South. We hope our hardwork and devotion reflects in each sip! 



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Katie Weinberger

King Bean Creative Director




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