Culinary Women and Coffee: Meet Courtney Hampson, Founder/Creator of Music to Your Mouth at Palmetto Bluff

Katie's Note: I met Courtney six years ago, when she graciously invited us to exhibit at Music to Your Mouth. This year, marks the 12th anniversary of the festival, of which Courtney founded. Music to Your Mouth "celebrates Southern cuisine, creating a sensory experience unlike any other." I admire Courtney's creativity, her take-charge tenacity and her generosity. She wears many hats at Palmetto Bluff, and we're proud to interview her for this series. 


  1. Tell us about yourself / your business & career / your involvement in the food and beverage industry. 

I am a New Jersey transplant, who tired of shoveling snow and relocated to the South Carolina Lowcountry 13 years ago. By day, I am the Vice President of Marketing for Palmetto Bluff and I guess you can say I am the founder/creator of Music to Your Mouth at Palmetto Bluff. I imagine it is easy for a person with no food and beverage experience (save for my stint working in a fish market in high school) to come up with a grand idea when you have no real concept of how it will work operationally. Luckily, Music to Your Mouth has been a fabulous collaboration between Palmetto Bluff’s development and hospitality teams. 

  1. What do you love most about what you do?

No one has ever told me no. So, ideas like – let’s create a food and wine event – are encouraged. I get to be creative every day. And, I am surrounded by others with great ideas that only fuels my creativity – you want to make a bacon forest? Ok, yes, I am in!

  1. How does coffee play a part in your day? Can you tell us about your coffee ritual?

Well, how I drink it – cold brew, iced, or hot brewed – depends on the weather. But, I always drink it light and sweet. (Which means I really love coffee ice cream.) I make my coffee when I get home from the gym in the morning. If I have time, I love to crawl back into bed with my cup and watch the first 30 minutes of the Today Show. If I don’t have the luxury of time, I am sipping between my shower, getting dressed, walking the dog, and heading out the door.

  1. What types of coffee do you like to drink? 

If I am splurging I will go latte or flat white, with a dust of cinnamon or holiday spice. But I am pretty boring - cream and two sugars – most of the time.

  1. Do you take your coffee with cream, sugar, both or black?

Ah, I didn’t know this question was coming! LOL.

  1. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

The world is about people.

  1. What’s the favorite part of your work day?

 Ah, no day is ever alike. I could be writing a marketing strategy, proofreading a menu, picking out linens for an event, booking a band, or talking to our legal team about trademarks, it is ever changing. I’d be very happy with less meetings, but, in a setting like Palmetto Bluff even the most challenging day includes spectacular views and authentic people. I have the best job in the world.

    8. What advice would you give to a young woman interested in a culinary career? 

 Be you. Choose you.

   9. Finish this line for us- “all things are possible with coffee and _____” 

Vacation days. 

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