Culinary Women and Coffee: Leah McCarthy, Downtown Catering Company

Katie's Note: We're headed down to the river town of Bluffton, SC to meet our next female culinary superstar. Leah McCarthy owns Downtown Deli and Catering on scenic May River Road. In addition to the deli and catering company, they own the swank Venue 1223, described as "the south meets urban city." Downtown Deli, by the way, is my family's go-to for a quick, delicious and healthy lunch. AND they have the best iced tea! That's right, they carry our proprietary iced tea line, Southern Harmony and grab and go King Bean retail bags. We're excited to have Leah as a guest on the blog today! 


  1. Tell us about yourself / your business & career / your involvement in the food and beverage industry.

My name is Leah McCarthy and I am the co-owner of Downtown Catering Company  with my husband/chef, Ryan. He and I have owned the business for 15 years in Bluffton, SC. I run the front of house operations while Ryan manages all back of the house.


  1. What do you love most about what you do?

I absolutely love that every day in this business is different. We are part of this community and have made long lasting friends through our clients.  


  1. How does coffee play a part in your day? Can you tell us about your coffee ritual? 

I can NOT start my day without my cup of dark roast coffee, with French Vanilla creamer. The creamer is my vice. I try to be healthy, but the creamer is definitely not! I tried almond milk, soy milk, organic, but nothing tastes better than my French vanilla.


  1. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Allow yourself to be human. Life always will have its ups and downs. Feelings are human. Being super human is not. I always put too much pressure on myself to set goals and have vision plans. It wasn’t until I let that go, and started doing more of what worked, and less of what didn’t, that I truly began to operate life and work with ease, creativity and fun!


  1. Finish this line for us- “all things are possible with coffee and _____”

A good sense of humor! 


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