Culinary Women and Coffee: Introducing Maya Morrill, Chef and Musician

Katie's Note: I first met Maya years ago, when I was at Whole Foods for a coffee demo and she was working. She came right up and introduced herself, as we have a mutual friend in Laurie Henderson, Fly Dog Fitness, our company's personal trainer. Friendly and nice and an all-around wonderful person, Maya is a great friend to many at King Bean. She's a wonderful chef and we're proud to feature her this month! 

1. Tell us about yourself / your business & career / your involvement in the food and beverage industry.

My name is Maya Morrill and I’m a Chef and Musician. I payed my way through music school cooking, and like music does, I love how food brings people together. I was lucky I grew up with a chef Mom who had me cooking from the start, playing with pots and pans before I was walking. Cooking my food and sharing it with people I care about brings so much joy. I’ve been working on opening a breakfast place in my neighborhood. Until I find a space of my own, I’ve been doing private catered events, and pop up brunches cooking at some of my favorite Park Circle places.

2. What do you love most about what you do?

I love being able to share local goodness with my neighborhood. Over the years I’ve become increasingly more aware of where the food I eat comes from and the quality of the meat and seafood I eat. I do most all of my shopping at the Johns Island Farmer's Market. They have the best vendors and a truth transparency campaign so you know your getting the best of what OUR Charleston farmers have to offer. I always base my menus on whatever is available there, which is always the best of whatever is in season. Being able support my local farmers and vendors through my cooking is unbelievably rewarding.

3. How does coffee play a part in your day? Can you tell us about your coffee ritual?

My weekdays get started around 5:30-6:00am and usually always start with a Full French press after a Fly Fog Fitness bootcamp class. Sometimes when I have a super early morning prepping for a brunch event, I’ll treat myself to a latte or an afternoon cold brew pic me up!

4. What types of coffee do you like to drink?

I like strong dark roasts straight up with no flavorings. I really enjoy the taste of coffee itself and don’t need any syrups or anything. While I enjoy black coffee sometimes, I usually drink mine with a splash of organic half and half and a teaspoon of sugar in the raw. Years ago when Wildflour Pastry first opened, I fell in love with her King Bean Coffee blend and I’ve been hooked ever since.

5. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

“When people show you who they are believe them”-Maya Angelou
I was named after her and grew up reading her poems, speeches, and books. Her words have always been like gospel to me. I believe in my heart there are more good people in this world than bad. Over the years I’ve learned to be more careful with who I trust, and you should always trust your gut. 

6. What advice would you give to a young woman interested in a culinary career?

You have to hustle and have a good attitude. Any chef will tell you they’d rather work with someone with zero experience and a good attitude than someone with a bad attitude who went to culinary school and thinks they know everything. Hard work with passion earns you respect. Cook at home often, read as much as you can and invest in some good shoes!

7. Finish this line for us- “all things are possible with coffee and _____”

Patience. I like to believe everyone is doing their best. The world just needs more kindness and patience right now. When it comes to my business, I’ve had to be patient. I’ve been waiting to find the right location for my breakfast spot and had to pass on opportunities in other locations around town because I want to bring affordable, healthier options with quality ingredients to MY neighborhood. I’m confident my patience will pay off, in my experience it always does. 


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