Brew School: Japanese Iced Coffee

Mid-July and the heat is here in Charleston! These days in the roastery, we’re taking our coffee cold in the afternoons. One easy method we do often is brew Japanese Iced Coffee.

It’s simple: coffee brewed hot over ice.

This flash-chilled method yields a delicate, light-bodied drink, more tea-like and subtle. It’s not a coffee that you would add milk or sweetener too and it’s one that we recommend using a lighter roast coffee.  Easy to make and enjoyable, it’s often our go-to for our afternoon coffee break.

For Japanese Iced Coffee, you will need:

Coffee: 24 grams

Grind: Medium- Medium-fine

Water: 230 grams. Hot and just off boiling

Ice: 200 grams

We recommend brewing in a Chemex or Hario Drip Decanter 

Water-to-Coffee Ratio: 10-1

Brew time: approx. 2.5 minutes


  1. Prewet your filter, grind and dose so you’re ready to brew
  2. Fill your decanter with ice
  3. Begin pouring the hot water. Let your coffee bloom, pausing for a few seconds before continuing.
  4. Add your final amount of water, bringing total to 230 grams.
  5. Strain your coffee out of the remaining ice of decanter. Pour into a glass adding fresh ice to top off.
  6. Enjoy!


Have you tried the brew method before? We’d love to know what you think!


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